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2022-07-30 22:23:55 By : Mr. Su Qiuqian

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A MEMS-based fiber optic pressure sensor called the OpSens OPP-M was created to measure physiological pressure in both humans and animals.

These tiny 0.20 mm OD sensors were created to be included in catheters, guidewires, and other minimally invasive devices that allow for the monitoring of physiological pressure. Thermal zero shift is decreased, and moisture-induced drift is prevented thanks to its unique, patented design.

Bare optical pressure sensors are available for companies that want to create their own customized in-house sensor packaging for their products.

The new enclosed OPP-M from OpSens is ready for integration. Encapsulation can be carried out on the sensor tip and/or along the entire optical cable in a range of materials and sizes depending on client-specific OEM uses.

Customizing the sensor to customer-specific needs lowers R&D investment and integration requirements, which, in turn, lowers total implementation and manufacturing process costs.

The OpSens OPP-M combines OpSens WLPI signal conditioning technology (patent #7,259,862) and the benefits of fiber optics to address the medical industry’s needs for long-term accuracy, consistency, low drift, and high-resolution pressure measurements in the existence of difficult MR, EM, RF, and microwave areas.

NOTE: The OPP-M product is intended for integration into the customer host system but has not been approved by the FDA or any other regulatory bodies.

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