High-speed fiber installation disturbs some residents of San Angelo

2021-11-26 07:16:25 By : Ms. Diane Xia

San Angelo, Texas — After receiving a large number of calls and emails about Frontier Communications' work, the City of San Angelo issued a statement to clarify the situation.

"Optical fiber technology has entered San Angelo, providing new options for Internet services," COSA said in a statement. "Frontier Communications is expanding its fiber optic network to bring San Angelo what the company says is extremely fast and reliable broadband connections."

Due to the work being done, San Angelo residents may see more and more communities and their properties laying orange lines in front of them during the installation process. These lines are the internal pipes that wrap and protect the fiber optic cables. 

The area under construction is defined as the right of public way, or the area above, below, or above public roads, highways, streets, public sidewalks, alleys, waterways, or utility easements that are of interest to the municipality. It can include the portion of property adjacent to the street, including areas that many people consider private property. 

Frontier currently owns a Texas franchise and is allowed to install internal pipes on the right of way.

"Although the city government is aware of the work being done with the right of way, we have not done this work and cannot provide work-related information or any damage caused by the work," the city said.

In addition, the city reminds citizens that fiber optic services are not limited to Frontier. Other companies may come to San Angelo to install optical fiber in the future. There is no timetable for when these companies will start working, so citizens are advised to stay vigilant.

For questions about property damage, please contact Frontier Construction Coordinator Steve Cortese at [Email Protection] or 325-249-5458.

All these so-called tinhats put their panties in a ball, which is likely to be suitable for synastfink or other internet providers.

Many consumers are happy to see Frontier return to the game.

If this happened in your house, I think you will be unhappy.

This doesn't look like a house, it looks like a sidewalk, the city owns. Take a picture from a further place so that we can see how close the "house" is actually, I guess there is a reason why it was cropped.

If this is necessary to update the infrastructure, then I am fine.

I am glad that when it is ready at the end of my town, Suddenlink will leave my house like yesterday's rubbish! ! ! ! 

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