Single Mode PBT Tube Optical Fiber Cable, Fiber Cable, Opgw Cable

Single Mode PBT tube Optical Fiber cable, fiber cable, opgw cableDescription:The core of aluminium clad PBT tube OPGW cable adopt the structure of stranding pattern, then the multipleoptical fiber PBT tubes are into 

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Single Mode PBT tube Optical Fiber cable, fiber cable, opgw cable

The core of aluminium clad PBT tube OPGW cable adopt the structure of stranding pattern, then the multipleoptical fiber PBT tubes are into cable, a layer of seamless aluminum tube will be clad on it which is as the protection tube of optical fiber metal, then stranding one or more aluminum clad steel wires or aluminum alloywires outside the protection tube. It eliminates the worries about the electrochemical corrosion among differentmetals and has very high application value.  
Structure characteristics and application:
a.Seamless aluminum tube has uniform texture, consistent with the texture of the whole ground wire aluminum  clad steel wire, no worries about the electrochemical corrosion among different metals.
b.Since the texture and structure of the whole ground wire are uniform, it has good fatigue resistance.

Note: The OPGW is generally designed as per need, and four basic informations need to be provided. 
-Fiber type G652 or G655 and cores numbers
-Optic cable outer diameter or section area requirement
-RTS (rated tensile strength) requirement. 
-Short circuit current capacity Specification
Typesingle/Double LayerStructureAluminum tube/PBT tube/ Al-clad-stainless steel tube
Fiber Count24MaterialAluminum clad steel wires(ACS) or mix ACS wires 
and aluminum alloy wires
Fiber TypeSinglemodeInstalledHigh pressure line over 110kv;
RTS(KN)81Short Circuit(Ka2s)41
ApplicationAerial / ground (earth) wire.OEMyes
ITU-TG.652Characteristics of a single mode optical fiber
ITU-TG.655Characteristics of a non-zero dispersion -shifted single mode fibers optical
EIA/TIA598 BCol code of fiber optic cables
IEC 60794-4-10Aerial optical cables along electrical power lines-family specification for OPGW
IEC 60794-1-2Optical fiber cables -part test procedures
IEEE1138-2009IEEE Standard for testing and performance for optical ground wire for use on electric utility power lines
IEC 61232Aluminum -Clad steel wire for electrical purposes
IEC60104Aluminum magnesium silicon alloy wire for overhead line conductors
IEC 61089Round wire concentric lay overhead electrical stranded conductors .

Single Mode PBT Tube Optical Fiber Cable, Fiber Cable, Opgw Cable

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