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2021-11-26 07:27:38 By : Mr. Rocky Huang

Nashville, Tennessee--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Go! Foton, a service provider and global leader in data center fiber management solutions, launched its groundbreaking NEMO series of patch panels today. Designed for deployment in any possible optical connection use cases, including in-plant, out-of-plant, and data center. The announcement was made on Fibre Connect 2021 and is currently being carried out at Opryland Resort and Convention Center.

"After 35 years of global industry development, Go! Foton cracked the connection code, combining easy access with "any density" fiber management," said David Z. Chen, Chief Technology Officer. "By applying the principles of fractal geometry to the engineering of network components that were once believed to be restricted by real estate and capacity restrictions, NEMO frees up the precious physical space previously hidden in sight, realizing tool-free and error-free connection processing across networks Extensive field implementation."

"In addition, NEMO can prevent insertion loss, while allowing technicians and operators to manipulate the connection without restriction-whether by sliding, digging, pushing or pushing," Dr. Chen continued. "With its unique flexible adapters, fixed trays, simple installation, cost-effective performance and forward-looking architecture, NEMO illuminates the future of optical networking."

Go!Foton (www.GoFoton.com) is an innovative solution provider with mature expertise in optics and photonics, which can solve real-world problems one at a time. The company provides long-distance, metro and broadband wired and wireless access applications for the telecommunications and data center markets. It also provides optical materials and components for the imaging, medical, and instrumentation industries. Go! Foton is a global company with sales offices in the United States, Europe, and Japan, and R&D and manufacturing facilities in the United States, Japan, China, and the Philippines.

Jeff Stambovsky Jeff.stambovsky@gofoton.com

Go! Foton creates the next era of fiber management with groundbreaking NEMO fixed/flexible fiber optic patch cords

Jeff Stambovsky Jeff.stambovsky@gofoton.com